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Little Rhythms’ curriculum is filled with lots of silly songs, games and activities, movement and tons of music theory concepts.  As the children grow, the program grows with them!  Little Rhythms’ curriculum is designed so that a child can begin at any age and still be able to follow along!  Each lesson builds on the lesson from the week before, reviewing as we go along, so that new children joining in can learn and have fun too!!  Here is what your child will be exposed to through this fun and interactive program!!Little Rhythms will introduce your child to tempo (fast and slow) and dynamics (loud and soft), through silly songs and activities such as playing instruments, moving their bodies, and of course

singing! Children will get a chance to play lots of different instruments and learn about them through pictures, music and stories!They will get to move their bodies to different types of music and use their own voices to create new sounds and rhythms of their own!  Children will be exposed to music from different parts of the world and different genres of music.  They will learn about the types of instruments used to make different sounds and get to see lots of new and exciting instruments in person!Older children  will be introduced to note values and begin to learn how to play them on familiar instruments!  They will get to play different rhythm patterns on instruments and get to create their own rhythm patterns.Older Preschoolers and Kindergartners will also be introduced to basic music theory including the keyboard and letters of the staff.Little Rhythms will teach your child lots of exciting musical concepts that will carry over into their elementary music education!!  Above all, they will learn to love music and get a chance to make music of their own while having a lot of fun!! 

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